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At Glacier, we live to inform and inspire the next generation of students in higher education. We truly believe that we are in a unique position to impact the lives of the next generation in a positive way. 

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Who We Are:

The Leaders in High School and Student Advertising

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Choosing the right post-secondary institution to attend is one of the most difficult life decisions someone can make. Even more challenging: making your institution stand out from the rest – in other words, to be the right post-secondary institution for someone.

At Glacier we offer the best advertising services and strategies that are specifically designed to help your higher education institution reach your desired student audience. With the largest high school advertising network and the largest student influencer network in North America, we can help you reach your Gen Z, Millennial and mature student enrollment goals.

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What We Do:

Holistic Student Advertising

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Glacier has the dynamic ability to own your feeder high schools by leveraging our student advertising network. This network allows us to place massive ads up inside the high traffic areas of feeder schools, leverage influential students as brand ambassadors and layer on a robust digital advertising component.

HS Ads

High School Advertising

The largest in high school ad network in North America. Make your institution a part of your prospective students daily life.


Student Influencers

The only student influencer network designed for high school advertising. Turn top students into brand ambassadors. 


Digital Advertising

Robust digital advertising capabilities. From paid social to native advertising, trust Glacier with your digital ad needs. 

What Clients Are Saying:

Client Testimonials

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They check-in and keep in touch to make sure that everything is going smoothly and needs are being met. It is really great to work with a company that we trust! Coast Community College District
The results we have started to see are tremendous with enrollment increasing by the 1000's across our college campuses. I would high recommend reaching out to Glacier to see how they can help you! Los Angeles Community College District
We have seen a 20% increase in applications from high schools we targeted and we set attendance records for open house events in 2015 and 2016. Mount Royal University
As a part of a broader marketing campaign, the posters contributed to a 25% increase in attendance to the open house. Nearly 200 students used the unique call to action on the ad, a much higher number than expected. OCAD University
We've used a lot of programmatic tools and companies with little success, but Glacier made it profitable for us. Vancouver Film School
Over 51% of high school students recalled seeing our high school advertisements that Glacier did for us. Douglas College

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