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We strategize, build and execute impactful high school advertising campaigns for higher education institutions - so you don't burn through precious media dollars without anything to show for it.


higher education institutions are reaching high school students with Glacier

How We Can Help

Holistic Student Advertising 
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At Glacier we offer the best advertising services and strategies that are specifically designed to help your higher education institution reach your desired student audience. 

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College of Charleston

How Glacier's High School Advertising increased digital click-through rates by 53%


Generate daily impressions on the walls of feeder high schools.
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Glacier has the unique ability to place your institution's messages directly into high traffic areas in high schools across North America. We do this by using our massive high-definition wall murals and professional install team.  

Build engagement with the power of influencer advertising.
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The Glacier Student-Influencer Network is a revolutionary way of marketing and advertising to your desired audience. Through our network, you can send your messages to thousands of potential students by leveraging our relationships with high school influencers all across North America.

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Bishop's University

How Bishop's University saw a 23% increase in prospective student applications by leveraging a nationwide student influencer campaign.

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University of Prince Edward Island

How Glacier increased daily student leads by 4x with an integrated digital campaign.


Drive prospective student leads with an integrated approach to digital.
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From TikTok to device ID targeting, Glacier has the capabilities of a full-service digital agency to ensure your message is being received by the right student at the right time and place. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

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"Working with the team at Glacier Digital has been seamless from start to finish. Communication is always on the top of our list of importance when working with outside companies and Glacier has been transparent and open with our team from the get-go."

"Over 51% of high school students recalled seeing our high school advertisements that Glacier did for us. This is the highest viewing percentage across all media outlets for us including digital and traditional media. We were blown away from the effectiveness."

Over the course of 10 weeks Glacier executed a flawless campaign. During that period of time, our project manager (Dan) and digital strategist (Vanessa) made real-time analysis decisions to ensure that creative testing recommendations resulted in goal achievement that was four-fold of what we contractually agreed upon."

Our Partners

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High School Advertising Resources

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We spend thousands of hours researching and engaging with high school students every year. These are just a few resources to show you what we are talking about.