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Company History



    Glacier was founded in 2012 by our Co-Founders, Matt Diteljan and Patrick Straw, while they were in their last year of undergrad at the University of Calgary. Matt and Pat had the unique idea to secure ad space in high schools and sell it to organizations that were aligned with the mission of informing and inspiring the next generation.
  • 2013 - 2016: COMPANY GROWTH

    Over the course of the next year, Matt and Pat hustled in between classes to acquire new clients and expand their high school advertising network. After graduating, Matt and Pat focused full time on expanding Glacier across Canada. The model was a hit – Universities and Colleges loved the unique method of building awareness in their target high schools, students were able to exposed to the plethora of options available to them for higher ed, and high schools were excited to promote higher education in a novel and effective way.

    The USA was the next stop on Glacier’s journey in 2016. After partnering with some high schools and Colleges in Washington state that were excited about Glacier’s offering, it became obvious that our friends to the South were welcoming us with open arms. Within a year, Glacier was working in 5 states and hundreds of high schools in the USA. We also added two additional services – student influencer advertising and digital advertising, truly making us the very best at advertising to high school students.

    Fast forward to present day, and Glacier has close to 2,500 high schools, 150 clients, 15 staff, and the best media mix on the market to advertise good things to high school students. At Glacier, we are extremely proud of the culture we have built on the values of do the right thing, always grow, be gritty, and have fun. Instilling these values have made us runner’s up for culture awards, and has consistently placed us on the MacLean’s growth 500. We are very excited to keep the legacy of Glacier alive and to continue to inform and inspire the next generation!