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What you'll get

This report is produced from primary data  and insights from 1,700 students across 250 high schools on how Gen Z is consuming media. This includes:

  • Top performing media channels. 
  • Differences in media use between grades. 
  • How students are researching postsecondary institutions.
  • Their key decision factors. 

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Did You Know?

Glacier has worked with over 200 higher education clients.

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"There is not a company out there today who does not offer some variation of a programmatic package. With all the offerings, it was just a matter of finding a company that stood out from the crowd. Enter, Glacier Digital. The Glacier difference is service, delivery, and results. Working with the team at Glacier Digital has been seamless from start to finish. Communication is always on the top of our list of importance when working with outside companies and Glacier has been transparent and open with our team from the get-go. Once contracts are signed, it seems that far too often, companies will fall into the shadows and lose touch with their clients. This is not how Glacier functions. They check-in and keep in touch to make sure that everything is going smoothly and needs are being met. It is really great to work with a company that we trust!"

- Amy Lee

Public Affairs & Marketing Manager