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The highest endorsement Glacier can receive is for our clients to meet – and surpass – their goals. Learn about some of our success stories and discover how our higher education advertising strategies can help your institution attract students and gain more applications.


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"There is not a company out there today who does not offer some variation of a programmatic package. With all the offerings, it was just a matter of finding a company that stood out from the crowd. Enter, Glacier Digital. The Glacier difference is service, delivery, and results. Working with the team at Glacier Digital has been seamless from start to finish. Communication is always on the top of our list of importance when working with outside companies and Glacier has been transparent and open with our team from the get-go. Once contracts are signed, it seems that far too often, companies will fall into the shadows and lose touch with their clients. This is not how Glacier functions. They check-in and keep in touch to make sure that everything is going smoothly and needs are being met. It is really great to work with a company that we trust!"

- Amy Lee

Public Affairs & Marketing Manager

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Los Angeles COmmunity College District  

Enrollment increases by 1000+ students in 2017

"As the Director of Communications and External Relations for the Los Angeles Community College District, I needed to capture the attention of high school students across 60+ high schools in Los Angeles County – 900 square miles. I wanted something unique and that would increase the brand awareness of our 9 community colleges. When I first  learned about Glacier, I knew their direct approach would reach this tough-to-connect-with teenage audience. Together, we built an advertising strategy to help students – many of whom would be the first in their family to attend college – understand how a college education would change their lives and how easy it was to attend an LACCD institution.

The results we have started to see are tremendous with enrollment increasing by the 1000's across our college campuses. I would high recommend reaching out to Glacier to see how they can help you!" 

- Maria Iacobo

Director of Communications

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Mount Royal University 

20% increase in applications since 2015

"The results since working with Glacier have been fantastic.  MRU began to work with Glacier in 2015 using the high school advertising.  MRU promoted in all Calgary and area high schools and added in their digital solutions the following year.  We have seen a 20% increase in applications from high schools we targeted and we set attendance records for open house events in 2015 and 2016."   

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- Mike Hwang

Marketing Manager

OCAD University Ontario College of Art and Design logo for Glacier adversing for colleges and universities

OCAD University 

Glacier High School Ad - Wins award and turns heads

"In 2017 we placed advertisements in eight GTA high schools. The first advertisement was an outside-the-box, interactive poster built to drive awareness about OCAD University which won an ad award for creativity. The second, we switched to a call to action for our open house. As a part of a broader marketing campaign, the posters contributed to a 25% increase in attendance to the open house. Nearly 200 students used the unique call to action on the ad, a much higher number than expected. "

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- Adam Wiendals

Manager of Digital Marketing

VFS Vancouver Film School logo for Glacier adversing for colleges and universities

Vancouver Film School

Glacier Digital Advertising - Best in North America  

"We've used a lot of programmatic tools and companies with little success, but Glacier made it profitable for us.  We had the pleasure of working with Glacier on VFS awareness campaign for events. They took the care of understanding what the goals, resources , and specs were, and effectively contributed to the whole marketing mix.  Glacier was able to target the desired audience and achieved the lowest CPA." 

- Evan Biswanger

Creative Director

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Portage College

2017 Award winning Recruitment tool - Glacier Virtual Reality 

"Glacier provided us with an award-winning recruitment tool and we couldn't be happier. The 360 virtual reality video allows prospective students to tour the college's campus without having to physically set foot.  The video has proven to be very popular at recruitment events with long line ups for students to try it as well as on Veer.tv where the video has already received more than 11,800 views. "


- Jaime Davies

Manager of Communications

Douglas College logo for Glacier adversing for colleges and universities

Douglas College 

2017 - Effectiveness of High school ads

"Over 51% of high school students recalled seeing our high school advertisements that Glacier did for us. This is the highest viewing percentage across all media outlets for us including digital and traditional media. We were blown away from the effectiveness."

- Al Hyland

Digital Strategist  

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