We have the largest high school advertising network in North America

With a rapidly growing network of over 1,000 high schools across North America, we can help get your educational messages directly to high school students. 

Much like the post-secondary path students take, Glacier’s path started out at high school, too; back in 2013, we started promoting Canadian universities and colleges in Canadian high schools. Since then, our cool, positive vibes have caught on like wildfire. We’re now partnered with over 1,000 high schools and colleges, with that number rising daily.

To better understand and influence our clients’ primary audience of high school students, we knew we needed to truly understand where that audience came from and how they make their decisions to attend post-secondary. When it comes to successfully connecting with these high school audiences, our track record speaks for itself.

Whether you are looking to reach out to high school students locally, in-state, out-of-state, or even internationally, we have the insights and skills to make that happen.

 Client map for Glacier adversing for colleges and universities

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