We recently co-published a Gen Z Media Report, "The State of Postsecondary Marketing to High School Students". Check it out!

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Our services include the latest higher education advertising trends, proven to deliver measurable increases in brand awareness, event attendance and enrollment numbers. Working solely with higher education institutions, we’ve helped more than 200 universities and colleges across North America see positive results.

We engage students, gaining awareness for your school throughout the year. Then, when it’s time for a call to action, your institution will be top of mind.

As each of our services is designed to work in partnership with one another, our expert strategists will customize an advertising plan to meet your institution’s specific needs.


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Market to high school seniors with the largest high school advertising network in North America. Build awareness with massive vinyl ads placed in high traffic areas of high schools. Not only have we launched thousands of campaigns for higher education institutions, we’re also the only agency that can advertise this directly to high school students. That adds up to over 350 million high school ad impressions last year alone.

Simply put, compared to spending a lot on expensive, high-exposure billboards, our focused approach offers the best return for any higher education institution targeting Gen Z and millennials. Don’t risk wasting valuable impressions.

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Master Gen Z advertising with our influential network of students – the largest network of youth and Gen Z influencers – helping you organically promote your brand online and through high school social circles. We specialize in influencers and audiences between the ages of 14-26, but can target the 26-35 group, too. Whatever your intended audience, we’ll help hook your brand up with influencers who deliver a real, authentic message that resonates. 

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Our programmatic platform specializes in display advertising for education to provide you with prebuilt audiences and demographics. In turn, this helps you promote your messages to not just hyper-targeted audiences, but promote them on over 99% of all websites, apps, and games on any device. Get ready to captivate your audience.

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Our primary focus is to attract, engage, and enroll students via organic social media content. Much like our programmatic platform, our built-in demographic information provides key insights into your student audience. Know who is using Snapchat, Instagram, and more, then deliver the message you need to be relevant and authentic in these spaces.

All in all, none of our competitors can offer a media mix like ours. Over the last school year alone, we helped launch over 750 million high school student impressions. Discover how your post-secondary institution can impress some prospective students.

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