Meet Our Team

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We’re a young, bold team, constantly challenging the status quo and its antiquated strategies and methodologies. Having grown up as digital natives, connected to tech for most of our lives, we know intuitively how to focus our energy on where the education industry – and students – are going, not where they’ve been.

CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Diteljan

Matt attended the University of Calgary from 2007-2013 for a grand total of six years. Did Matt obtain a master’s degree? A PhD? Negative. Matt did a couple victory laps prior to graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree along with enough courses to major in at least three other faculties. Matt fondly calls this time his "Academic Adventure."


Jesse Ferguson

In 2003 Jesse decided to leave the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) in Baton Rouge, LA to pursue his Education at the University of New Brunswick. At Christmas time, Jesse drove his Mazda 323 from Edmonton, Alberta to Fredericton, New Brunswick to pursue, what would be, the adventure of a lifetime! While Jesse first enrolled at UNB to play hockey, he quickly shifted his focus to the classroom where he found success in the classroom completing his BBA with a major in accounting and minor in HR. After graduating in 2007, Jesse obtained his Chartered Accountant’s designation.


John Reid

John spent six years in post-secondary and about four of them were for studying. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary ('09) and a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from SAIT ('12). A Calgary native, he hates winter but loves blizzards. Dairy Queen blizzards.

VP Client Services

Robin Maher

Hailing from a small town in the middle of nowhere, Robin enrolled at the University of Manitoba, where she completed a double major and graduated with an honours degree in Commerce.  With school behind her, she led teams in telecommunications, retail and agencies across the country before calling Calgary and Glacier home.  Robin’s passion for marketing and helping clients achieve their business objectives is only superseded by her infectious laugh.  Once you hear it, you will know!  With enthusiasm, finesse and flexibility, Robin brings professionalism and a unique point of view to tackle every client challenge – If only we could say her ping-pong skills were also that good!

Senior Account Manager

Dan O'Neil

Dan chose to take the scenic route in his education. And by scenic, he means he took the QE2 up to Edmonton far too often. The small class sizes and personal attention paid to every student at Grant MacEwan suited his needs best. It sure would have been helpful if St. Francis High School had a partner like Glacier back then so students like Dan would’ve known there were good schools outside Calgary, but hey, we hadn't thought of it yet!

Senior Account Manager

Jamie Pragnell

Jamie attended the University of Calgary from 2011-2016 where she got her Commerce Degree in Marketing. Jamie worked her way through University by working various customer service roles and pursuing her passion in contemporary dance. Although her dance career isn’t helping her win any ping pong games, Jamie gets to combine her passion for marketing and customer service and feels right at home with the Glacier team.

Senior Account Executive

Ben Oldale

Ben is a Calgary native who luckily found his way to the University of Victoria on beautiful Vancouver Island. He completed a BSC in Geology and, during his 5-year undergrad, realized rocks were not for him. His office nickname is “Robo-Ben” and he is programmed to ensure future high school graduates do not need to rely on pure luck to find the right post-secondary institute.

Marketing Manager

Ian Feil

Ian was born and raised in the sunny city of Kelowna, BC. Upon graduating high school, he decided to move out and attend the University of Calgary, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. While attending U of C, Ian helped thousands of students achieve their academic potential working for a tutoring company. Now, Ian is bringing Glacier to new heights by adding 6’5” to the team.

High School Operations Manager

Leah Semel

As a Calgary native, Leah stuck close to home and graduated from the University of Calgary in 2014 with a Commerce Degree in Human Resources. After a few years in corporate HR, she didn't want to be a "fun sponge" anymore so she shifted directions and is now combining her organizational superpowers with her passion for education and having an impact.

Influencer Project Manager

Natasha Strickey

Armed with a degree in Political Science after tediously and relentlessly studying, Natasha decided that too many tears had been shed over international law and qualitative studies. She credits her existing sanity to acting, where she found success as a voice actor and theatre artist. Once that picked up, Natasha found herself dipping into the education sector, speaking at schools, teaching, and becoming more acquainted with connecting prospective and current students to pursue what's right for them. Now, she's ecstatic to represent Glacier as she continues to grow!

Digital Media Strategist

Jason Gould

Born in Victoria but raised in Calgary, Jason attended the University of Calgary from 2014 to 2019. After graduating with a degree in Philosophy, he decided it was time to leave the Ivory Tower so that he could focus on the real, tangible world. Now he works with all things digital.