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The Glacier TeamJun 5, 2019 10:30:00 AM4 min read

Glacier’s High School Influencers: An Inside Look

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"Student Influencers: An inside look" Teens posing near abandoned building

Glacier's High School Influencers: An Inside Look

Has your university considered using influencers? Are you interested but unsure what the process is like?

Glacier connects universities with students in a variety of ways, including a micro-influencer program that utilizes high school students to build university awareness.

We recently held a roundtable discussion with a panel of our influencers to hear their perspective on what being an influencer is like and how it affects their peers.

Read on to discover the insights we gathered from our influencers.

The Power of Influencers

Influencers are a valuable part of Gen Z marketing. A staggering 92 percent of teens admit that local influencers factor into their purchasing decisions

Gen Zs are digital natives. They spend a great deal of time online and make virtual connections daily. It’s no surprise that they notice and value online and in person influencers.

Utilizing influencers can be an important part of a holistic higher education marketing strategy.

Our Micro-Influencer Program

Glacier understands the unique power of influencers. It’s where the connectedness and personal touch that Gen Z craves meets traditional marketing strategies, creating an important element of advertising to the upcoming generation.

That’s why we put together our micro-influencer program—using high school students with strong social influence, we can reach high school students across the country and connect them to the right universities.

An Inside Look at Being a Glacier Influencer

So what is it actually like to be an influencer in our program? Our team of students shared their experiences with us to give us an inside look at what being an influencer is like.

Here are their views on the best parts of being influencers:

1) Valuing Their Opinion

Our student influencers repeatedly emphasized that one of the best parts of working with Glacier is that we value their opinions.

They appreciate that we seek their thoughts and listen to their experiences.

“Our opinion’s nice to know that the universities actually care about and want to hear from us,” stated one of the influencer team members.

"Our opinion matters" quote with teen girl sitting on steps

Glacier values the feedback from our micro-influencers and seeks to truly understand Gen Zs—what they want, what they like and dislike, and how to reach them from a marketing standpoint.

As Glacier micro-influencers, students have a real chance to share their own beliefs and impact the decisions we make as a company and a partner to many schools in higher education marketing.

2) Allowing Them to Affect Change

One of the aspects of the Glacier influencer program that the students most appreciated is that we are open to their ideas and truly consider their suggestions.

“I like how it’s super open to outside ideas,” said one student. “You bring in kids our age to see what our thoughts are.”

The students could not think of other companies that are going out of their way to ask them and their peers questions.

In our program, our influencers don’t just serve as marketing tools. Although their influence and ability to spread brand messaging is important, we like to take advantage of having Gen Zs work with us by gathering insights and building our wealth of knowledge.

Our influencers have a chance to truly affect the way we operate, and the way we advise marketing teams to approach prospective students. They enjoy being in an expert position where they can exert influence not only on other students, but also on universities and marketing trends.

3) Providing an Important Benefit

The influencer team took pride in what they do. For them, they weren’t just participating in a program; they were contributing to an important service for themselves and their peers.

They liked being a part of connecting students and universities, and helping other students see into universities.

Our influencer team pointed out that transitioning to college can be overwhelming and confusing. But as influencers, they were able to serve as middle men to bring details of schools to students.

"They are helping their peers" quote with group of teen friends hanging out by a chain link fence

In a way, they were easing that transition and helping their peers find the right fit for their educational careers.

Glacier's Micro Influencer Service

Glacier partners with high schools students in our micro-influencer program. Together we work to promote your university brand in schools and online.

Our micro-influencers know what fellow students are looking for and how to promote your brand image using their voices.



When you partner with us, you gain access to the most influential high school students across the country who can use their status and following to further your brand messaging and share your university’s story with prospective students.

Each of our influencers has between 1,000-50,000 social media followers. Their widespread reach offers the perfect opportunity to build brand awareness for your school.

Contact us today to learn more about our influencer program and find out how we can partner to strengthen your marketing campaign.


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We collected insights from 1,700 high school students on their media preferences for higher ed advertising. Access Report.