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The Glacier TeamApr 17, 2019 10:00:00 AM2 min read

To Raise Enrollment, Change Perceptions About Community College

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Blog_Header_CC Change Perceptions (1)

To raise enrollment, change perceptions about Community College

You know how hard it is: trying to entice students to your community college under the general perception that at best, you are trades-oriented only and at worst, you’re a last resort for education after high school. And that show, Community, hasn’t helped your cause.

Want to blow some holes in that belief and let a little light through to the truth? The truth that your community college is far more than an answer to “Should I go to college?” You know there are enormous advantages to choosing your school.

Part of overcoming the perception is educating prospective students about the different reasons to choose the community college route, and the advantages once they’ve made that choice. What are some ways you can share that truth?

Here's a good list of ways to get the message out. 

Now, use those channels to emphasize that community college can be part of a strategy toward a bigger goal; a goal that comes with specific benefits along the way.

Present College as a Strategy 

  1. The launchpad: Transfer Programs—Some students may be interested in higher education but may not be ready to go straight into university or may not have the means yet. If they start at a community college, they can transfer those credits toward a university degree. The result? The student still gets their degree while starting with a lower-price option that is often closer to home.
  2. In full boom: technology as a career pursuit—The pace technology is developing and the demand for education and skills in hundreds of areas gives the college option an advantage. And, technology isn’t going away anytime soon. Its full spectrum of demands requires a full range of skills, from business to logistics to engineering to customer service to computer science to urban design to creative to marketing and far beyond. College offers focused programs in all of these fields.

Present college as a strategy

So, here’s some good math: lower cost education + a well-paying career in technology = a pretty bright future.

Cost is one benefit. Think about getting the word out about these others.

Promote the College Advantage

  1. A faster track: half the time to a career—Colleges’ two-year programs put students in work in a shorter time than the four-year university degree. Combine that with the lower cost and they have both an education and employment, so they’re spending less and earning sooner.
  2. Double-dipping: dual enrollment programs—In this case, double-dipping is a good thing. If students really want to jump ahead, they can begin college courses while in high school. This can be their strategy whether finishing a diploma with your school and looking for a career right away, or preparing to go to university.

Promote the college advantage

It’s a big job that sometimes feels like an uphill battle. Find ways to reach your audience, then craft your messages and get those students in the door!

Contact Glacier and learn more about how you can stand out in the community college advertising space. 

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