High School Advertising Network

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Glacier has the unique ability to place your institution's messages directly into high traffic areas in high schools across North America. We do this by using our massive high-definition wall murals and professional install team. 

What You Need to Know

Your Target High Schools

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Glacier works directly with your institution to identify top-priority high schools. We only place ads in the schools YOU want to be in. With a network expanding from coast to coast, Glacier can access over 75% of high schools across Canada and the USA.

Hallway Install

Hallway Install

The advertisement is placed inside a central hallway of the desired high school.

Outdoor Install

Outdoor Install

The advertisement is placed in a central courtyard or outdoor hallway. Don't worry, these only go up in tropical locations.

High Traffic Locations

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All advertisements are placed in high-traffic locations within the high schools. The primary locations are cafeterias, central hallways, entrances, and exits. We ensure every placement passes our "Perfect Install Guidelines". You don't pay us until you are 100% satisfied with every placement.

Daily Student Impressions

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No other form of out-of-home advertising can guarantee daily impressions directly among your core audience.

Cafeteria Install

Cafeteria Install

The advertisement is placed inside the cafeteria or student hall of the desired high school.

Enterance Install

Central Entrance Install

The advertisement is placed at the entrance or exit of the desired high school.

Stronger Relationships

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Students trust messages approved by their high school. By placing your advertisement on the wall of feeder high schools, students naturally build a stronger relationship with your brand.

Curious to learn more about High School Advertising?

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Our Work

Featured Case Studies and Campaigns

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You have questions, we have answers. 

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Do you have access to my recruitment high schools?

Yes! We have over 2000 partner high schools and that number is growing every day. 

What if you don't have my recruitment high schools?

Not to worry! We have a partner relations team that specializes in establishing relationships with new high school partners.

How much does a campaign cost?

Every campaign is different! The two key factors that determine the cost of your campaign are:

  1. Number of high schools.
  2. Time in market.

Once these two factors are determined, we can provide you with an accurate proposal of costs. 

How do I know students will see my ad?

Glacier follows a strict visibility policy when installing ads. This ensures that your ads will only be placed in high-traffic locations such as hallways, entrances, exits, or cafeterias. Before an invoice is sent, you will receive panoramic install photos of your campaign.