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Build engagement with the power of influencer advertising.

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The Glacier Student-Influencer Network is a revolutionary way of marketing and advertising to your desired audience. Through our network, you can send your messages to thousands of potential students by leveraging our relationships with influential media users (Influencers) all across North America.

Key Stat: 95% of high school students are active on Instagram - the number one channel for influencer advertising.

Source: Academica

What You Need to Know

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Incredible Engagement

Our influencer campaigns average an engagement rate of 20%, compared to the industry average 5.7%. This is due to the hyper-local nature of the influencers and how they interact with their peers.

Hyper Targeting

Influencers are carefully selected with your target schools in mind. We ensure reach isn’t wasted by validating the influencer following before campaign launch.

Unique Content

Influencer content is the best way to connect closely with the high school students. Repurpose the high quality content down the road on future marketing efforts!

Powerful Storytelling

Tell the story specific to your institution. Highlight programs, campus events, facilities, sporting events... the opportunities are endless!

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Campaign and Post Examples

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Event Promotion

Student influencers promote an upcoming event, such as an open house via their social media accounts.

General Awareness

Student influencers promote general awareness of the institution to their peers via social media.

Program Promotion

Student influencers promote a specific program of interest or highlight specific facilities on campus.

Campus Experience Post

Student influencers promote a unique experience on campus, such as a campus tour, residence tour, open house, sporting event, etc.

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