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High School Advertising

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High School Advertising
Student Influencer Advertising
Digital Advertising

Thought advertising inside high schools was impossible? Think again.

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Glacier has the unique ability to place your institutions messages directly into high traffic areas in high schools across North America. We do this by using our massive high definition wall murals and professional install team. Our high school advertising service will let you reach the high school student demographic in a way you never thought possible.

Key Stat: High school advertisements are 4X more effective at building brand awareness than radio, television and billboards.

Source: Academica

What You Need to Know

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Your Target High Schools

Glacier works directly with your institution to identify top priority high schools. We only place ads in the schools YOU want to be in. With a network expanding from coast to coast, Glacier can access over 75% of high schools across Canada and the USA.

Daily Impressions

No other form of out-of-home advertising can guarantee daily impressions directly among your core audience.

High Traffic Locations

All advertisements are placed in high traffic locations within the high schools. The primary locations are cafeterias, central hallways, entrances and exits. We ensure every placements passes our "Perfect Install Guidelines". You don't pay us until you are 100% satisfied with every placement. 

Stronger Relationships

Strengthen your relationships with high school leadership and counselors.

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Installation Examples

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Hallway Install

The advertisement is placed inside a central hallway of the desired high school.

Example of a hallway high school advertising installation

Cafeteria Install

The advertisement is placed inside the cafeteria of the desired high school.

Example of a cafeteria high school advertising installation

Outdoor Install

The advertisement is placed in a central courtyard or outdoor hallway.

Example of a outdoor high school advertising installation

Central Entrance Install

The advertisement is placed at the entrance or exit of the desired high school.

Example of an entrance high school advertising installation

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