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High School Advertising
Student Influencer Advertising
Digital Advertising

Own your feeder high schools with the largest student advertising network in North America.

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Glacier has the dynamic ability to own your feeder high schools by leveraging our student advertising network. This network allows us to place massive ads up inside the high traffic areas of feeder schools, leverage influential students as brand ambassadors and layer on a robust digital advertising component.


University Partners


Community College Partners


High School Partners

We study gen z, high schools and current advertising trends to build educated media strategies.

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In preparation for a campaign, Glacier will host an in-depth needs assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to gain a deep understanding of your institutions current situation, including challenges, goals, marketing performance and current initiatives. This allows us to deploy the best holistic media strategy for your institution.

The importance of awareness in high school advertising

Student Knows Your Brand

Thorough assessment of current brand awareness in key markets & tactics in play to build awareness.

The importance of engagement for higher education marketers

Student Understands Your Brand

Thorough assessment of unique selling proposition and media plan to portray your story.

The importance of conversion for higher education marketers

Students Take Action

Full conversion assessment. Glacier analyzes analytics to determine conversion challenges and opportunities.

The importance of nurturing for higher education marketers

Keep Students Engaged

Implementation of a lead nurture strategy to capitalize on prospect leads and ensure no opportunities are missed.

Want to learn more about how Glacier can help you?

Building a custom-tailored strategy. 

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Once Glacier has performed a thorough needs assessment, we leverage this information along with our expert understanding of Gen Z to build a custom campaign for your needs. Within this campaign, we will leverage a blend of tactics such as:

High School Advertising

Place advertisements directly inside the high traffic areas of your feeder high schools. 

Digital Advertising

Integrate a blend of digital tactics such as programmatic, social media, SEM and native ads.

Student Influencers

Leverage influential students as brand amassadors for your institution. 

Industry Expertise

Integrate our primary research performed on high school students in parallel with Academica. 

Want to see how McNeese State University boosted brand awareness by 31% in one year?

Featured Case Studies

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McNeese State University

McNeese State University boosts brand awareness by 31%

Bishop's University

Bishop's University increases prospective student applications by 22.9%