From Turnover to Top 50: How Glacier became one of Canada's Fastest Growing companies

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In light of Glacier’s recent achievement (Did you hear? We ranked no. 42 on Canadian Business and Maclean’s Growth 500 list!) there’s been a noticeable buzz around the office; a certain type of swagger, if you will. The sun is shining brighter, the coffee tastes better and the office ping pong tournaments are a lot more competitive. We’re pumped and why shouldn’t we be!

Through the unparalleled commitment and tenacity of our squad, we have been recognized as one the brightest emerging companies this great nation has to offer. While reaching this milestone has instilled plenty of optimism for the future, it has also generated some moments of reflection, and acted as a reminder of what got us here. 

Glacier: The Origin Story

Flashback to 2013 - Glacier is founded by two young entrepreneurs motivated to build something successful from the ground up. As told by our Founder & Futurist, Matt Diteljan, they “did what they were taught to do in business school and exhausted every possible lead.” An inimitable approach coupled with successful results helped the company expand into a multi-million-dollar cross-Canada business in just two years. By 2015, the company was flourishing on paper but one thing was still missing: a culture.  

Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up. 

Unfortunately, no amount of money or success can buy a healthy corporate culture, a lesson Glacier learned the hard way. A recent LinkedIn study of over 10,000 workers showed that 77% of professionals leave their jobs due to ‘dissatisfaction with leadership’ or ‘work environment/culture’. Over the course of three weeks, the entire workforce was lost and Glacier was back down to the original two. However, behind every success, there is struggle. 


Through some honest, albeit harsh, self-assessment, brutal honesty and the drive to reach new heights, a refined mandate to improve workplace culture was built and our foundation for success was established: have fun, do the right thing and always grow. By staying true to the core values of our leadership, Glacier has been able to grow our staff exponentially, expand our products lines to offer the best higher education advertising services and strategies, and master new challenges as we expand our client list. 

We’re just getting started 

The proof truly is in the pudding – our commitment to fostering a collaborative and creative approach has played an integral part in our 1827% 5-year growth. Our dedication to personifying the Glacier core values is the driving force behind a top 50 ranking on the Growth 500 and we’re proud of it! 

Getting started

To experience our culture first hand and see how we can help your post-secondary institution target hard to reach audiences, reach out for a consultation.

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