Case Study

Improving Institutional Growth Rate from -2.7 YOY to +112.8 YOY at the University of Prince Edward Island

Glacier worked closely with the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) to build a digital marketing campaign leveraging Glaciers' programmatic platform. A combination of static display ads and video ads was served directly to the target demographic over the course of the campaign. 

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University of Prince Edward Island

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The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) is a public university in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, and the only university in the province.

To improve brand awareness and increase student leads, UPEI needed a strategic digital marketing campaign hyper-focused on their target audience. 

The Challenge

Awareness and Student Leads

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Prior to working with Glacier, UPEI wasn't satisfied with the number of student leads being generated through their marketing efforts. This led them to seek out a new digital marketing partner. 

After a thorough needs analysis, Glacier determined that UPEI required an overall boost in both awareness and engagement in order to drive an increase in student leads. 

The Campaign

Goal and Plan

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The Goal:

Build brand awareness and engage the target markets with time-sensitive and audience-specific messaging. Glacier worked to increase website traffic, click activity and build out a prospect pool for re-targeting & CRM support through digital advertising.


The Plan:

  • Extend current digital advertising for a generic creative asset to continue to build awareness into early Fall 2021
  • Increase brand awareness and engage the target audience in the domestic market
  • Increase inquiries, click-activity, and website traffic in order to build out a prospect pool for re-targeting and CRM/recruiter support

Digital Ads:

A large number of creative assets were ran based on program-specific targeting. Below are a few examples:

Client Feedback

How Glacier's Marketing Helped

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"I've seen an increase in engagement with our website and an increase in the number of leads. After working with Glacier, our growth rate went from -2.7 YOY to +112.8 YOY in May. this didn't happen overnight, but as soon as we started the campaign I saw a steady increase in the number of leads, and growth rate went from negative to positive to triple digits in a few months."

UPEI saw a 100% increase in daily student leads since launching the campaign with Glacier.

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