Case Study

Boosting Brand Recall by 31% at McNeese State University

Glacier put together a marketing strategy to bolster McNeese’s brand outreach and awareness. The campaign utilized a combination of traditional advertising in strategically targeted high schools, a student influencer campaign to reach Gen Zs in Louisiana and Texas, and a new digital advertising campaign geo-fencing target high schools. Through refreshed local advertising and the introduction of outreach in new regions, Glacier was able to grow brand awareness by over 31% amongst high school students.

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McNeese State University

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McNeese State University, one of the top-ranked public universities in the nation, engaged with prospective students through comprehensive open houses and campus visits. Despite the innovative offerings, many high school students in the region remained unaware of McNeese and their strong reputation as an economic and workforce development partner.

To improve brand awareness and increase enrollment, McNeese needed to implement a widespread marketing campaign to reach more students.

The Challenge

Visibility and Awareness

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McNeese needed increased visibility and awareness among Gen Z and high school students. The recruitment team needed the strategy and tools to reach audiences outside of the local education network.

Affordable programs and unique tuition offers coupled with exceptional career ROI made it vital for McNeese to showcase its services and distinguish itself from the crowd.

The Campaign

Goal and Plan

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The Goal:

To increase awareness and interest in McNeese State University’s offerings among prospective college students.

The Plan:

  • Target high schools throughout Louisiana and Texas with wall ads showcasing McNeese State University as a respected option for postsecondary school.
  • Promote Open Houses and Campus Visit Days with a new digital advertising strategy including customized landing pages for respective high schools and target audiences.
  • Use Campus Visit Days to kick off a Micro-Influencer campaign. Consistent content generation from influencers about their experiences with McNeese and interest in enrolling.

High School Ads:

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Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 9.54.42 AM

Influencer Posts:

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Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 9.57.41 AM
Client Feedback

How Glacier's Marketing Helped

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“Glacier holds themselves and those involved to the highest standard. Working with someone who pays that much attention to the details is a big advantage.”

Glacier’s high school wall ad campaign for McNeese State University ensured that prospective recruits would read about McNeese and recognize their brand.

The newly strategized digital advertising plan promoted McNeese on a larger scale than ever before with a purposeful and targeted approach.

Campaign Metrics


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Glacier’s campaign for McNeese was focused on building awareness among high school students and, based on survey results, was extremely successful. In June 2018 the University’s awareness was 51.3%, compared to 82% in June 2019 after one year of working with Glacier.

High School Advertising

  • 1,750,000 impressions across 10 high schools

Counselor feedback:

  • “I thought it was really, really good and it stayed up really well. Usually, the ones we put up the kids will take them down within a week.”
  • “(The mural) looks really good. This is the first time we have had anything like this!”

Student Influencers

  • 48 total posts
  • 10,870 total engagements
  • 15% average engagement rate
  • 36,840 total impressions
  • 17,450 unique students reached

Digital Display (Static & Video Ads)

  • $9.68 combined CPM
  • 0.27% Clickthrough Rate
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