Case Study

Increasing Digital Clickthrough Rates by 53%
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Glacier’s marketing campaign for the College of Charleston to increase awareness surrounding the unique blend of campus and city life offered in the student experience.

This campaign also was designed to A/B test digital ad performance in parallel with Glacier’s High School Advertisements.


College of Charleston

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The College of Charleston (also known as CofC) is a public liberal arts college in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in 1770 and chartered in 1785, it is the oldest college in South Carolina, the 13th oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, and the oldest municipal college in the country.

The Challenge

Struggle with Visibility

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The College of Charleston needed help building brand awareness and promoting the unique student experience of campus and city life to prospective high school students. Students at key recruitment high schools were aware that C of C existed but lacked an understanding of what made the college unique.

The Campaign

Goal and Plan

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The Solution:

To address this challenge, Glacier implemented a high school student-focused campaign leveraging a blend of in-high school ad placements and a digital display geofence target high schools.

High School Ads:

  • Three priority high schools were identified in conjunction with the College of Charleston recruitment team. These schools received murals in high-visibility locations.

Digital Ads:

  • Twenty priority high schools were ‘geofenced’ with mobile display ads, including the three high schools containing physical ad placements. A robust student profile was layered over the geofence along with time and day parameters to ensure no impressions were wasted.

High School Ad Examples:

Charleston Fort Dorchester - College of Charleston Campaign
Charleston Fort Mill  - College of Charleston Campaign

Digital Ad Examples:

College of Charleston Digital Advertising
College of Charleston Digital Advertising
Campaign Metrics


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When analyzing digital ad performance, Glacier compared clickthrough rates of high schools containing physical High School Ad placements and those without High School Ad placements. It was found that digital ads served to students with physical placements had a 53% higher clickthrough rate than those without!


Total impressions delivered to target audience.


Higher CTR on digital ads where high school advertisements were present.

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