Case Study

Increasing Prospective Student Applications by 23% and Event Attendance by 32%
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Glacier put together a youth marketing strategy to bolster BU’s awareness, applicants, and enrollment. Using a combination of wall advertisements, a student influencer campaign to reach Gen Zs in Calgary and Vancouver, and a targeted Snapchat campaign. Glacier attracted new prospective recruits to BU’s Open House, leading to steady applicant growth and record numbers of new students and overall enrollment.


Bishop's University

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Bishop’s University (BU), a small liberal arts school, utilized a dedicated recruitment team that visited high schools often to engage with prospective students. However, many high school students remained unaware of BU as a potential choice for college.

The university needed a more widespread marketing campaign to reach additional students across the country and grow enrollment numbers.

The Challenge

Struggle with Visibility

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BU needed increased visibility and awareness among Gen Z and upcoming college freshmen. The recruitment team often connected with students in high schools who didn’t even know the school existed.

With 96 universities in Canada, awareness, visibility, and standing out from the crowd were vital goals.

The Campaign

Goal and Plan

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The Goal:

To increase visibility and awareness about Bishop’s University among prospective college students.

The Plan:

  • Target high schools across the country with wall ads showcasing Bishop’s University as a positive option for post-secondary school.
  • Promote Open House via Snapchat
  • Use the Open House experience as content to kick off a Micro-Influencer campaign. Influencers continued posting about their experience, including a blog post, and important deadlines.

High School Ads:

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Influencer Posts:

Bishops @min.jing
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Client Feedback

How Glacier's Marketing Helped

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“Glacier is the only company that has access to schools directly, and they are ahead of the curve with what’s exciting for Gen Z.”

Glacier’s high school wall ad campaign for Bishop’s University ensured that prospective recruits would read about BU. The influencer campaign promoted via Instagram informed these prospects about upcoming opportunities at Bishop’s University.

The guarantee of having wall ads posted directly in high schools to increase visibility and awareness was “worth its weight in gold” to the university. Prospective students reported to recruiters that they heard about BU from posters in their schools. 

Campaign Metrics


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BU gained its highest ever increase in Open House attendance from 2017 to 2018. Prospective incoming students increased by 22.9% and overall guest attendance increased by 31.6%. The number of applicants increased as well.


Prospective Incoming Student Increase


Guest Attendance at Events Increase

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