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Geneva College Campus


Increasing Brand Awareness to Boost Website Traffic for Geneva College.

How Glacier Helped Increase Year-Over-Year Website Traffic at Geneva College



Geneva College (Geneva) is a private Christian college in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Geneva has around 1400 undergraduates in over 30 majors, as well as graduates in master's programs. They have over 145 undergraduate majors and programs, online Adult Degree Programs, and graduate degrees as well. As a faith-based higher education institute, Geneva prides itself on providing a comprehensive academic curriculum with the integration of the Bible. Geneva aims to teach and guide students, nurturing them in and out of the classroom, to develop minds, hearts, and spirits.


Glacier worked with Geneva College to increase their brand awareness and, in turn, boost website traffic. Geneva's campaign utilized social digital channels to exceed their impression goal by large margins. Alongside impressions, engagement was an important factor for Geneva, measured with click-through rates. Paid search assisted in establishing a first point of contact with prospective students and was designed to increase the click-through rate over time.

The main creative pieces are a combination of video, banner, and static ad examples. They had a combination of short "messy-real" content pieces as well as some high-quality longer videos. These videos were successful in showing Geneva's fun side while maintaining high quality and professionalism. By using student experiences and testimonials in their creatives, Geneva places trusting figures in front of prospective students.


  • Use a student-centric narrative to showcase Geneva's student experience and culture.
  • Set up Paid Search campaigns that will target, engage, and convert prospective students over time.
  • Set target metrics to measure campaign effectiveness through key performance indicators like click-through rate.
  • Generate engagement and action from traditional undergraduate markets (clicks and/or website views) for every $2–3 spent.
  • Measure success with key metrics measured by click-through rates and final enrollment numbers.

DSP Ad used across digital channels.

Ad used on social media channels like TikTok and Instagram

Geneva banner ad


3.6 million impressions
7,700+ clicks
48% higher click-through rate than industry average
2023 Campaign

Year-Over-Year Increase In Website Traffic After Campaigns Launched

Geneva College was successful in establishing brand recognition and boosting their website traffic over time after they launched their campaign. Based on statistics from previous years, Geneva has seen an increase in website traffic since they began launching their campaigns with Glacier.

TikTok and YouTube's key performance indicators are primarily focused on engagement rates and click-through rates. Across the higher education industry, expected click-through rates on TikTok came in at 0.55% this year and YouTube at 0.70%. Geneva's engagement rates for these two platforms came in at 0.89%, which was 48% higher than industry averages.

Additionally, the goal was to see an action for every $2–$3 spent for Geneva's banner ads; however, the actual action per dollar spent across Geneva's entire digital campaign came in quite a bit ahead of the initial target, as they received an action for every $1.63 spent! Traditional markets, such as traditional undergrad, typically see a click-through rate in the 6–8% range. Geneva's campaigns in their local market greatly exceeded these initial targets, as their final number was 12.21%, which typically indicates higher brand recognition.

Overall, Glacier has seen tremendous success with the campaigns, both on our digital platform and social platforms. Each platform has already exceeded its impression goal by a large margin. As a faith-based institution, Geneva was able to successfully stand out even among other regular higher education schools.