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AUArts campus


Establishing brand awareness for the Alberta University of the Arts to target talented applicants.

22%: How Much AUArts' Click-Through Rate Skyrocketed in Their First Year of Working with Glacier



Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts) is a public art university located in Calgary, Alberta. The institution specializes in art, craft, and design and has gained a significant reputation as an institution for artists, designers, and creative professionals. Students at AUArts have the opportunity to learn from esteemed experts in Canada's art sector. AUArts continues to be a leader and significant contributor to visual culture in Canada as well as internationally.


The objective for AUArts was to reach undergraduate students in existing and new markets and effectively communicate their unique value proposition to prospective students. The university wanted to focus on highlighting its reputation for excellence in the arts and design fields, its small class sizes and personalized attention, and its commitment to hands-on, experiential learning serving creative art and design students in Western Canada.

Glacier crafted a strategy to increase AUArts' brand awareness among undergraduate students and attract a diverse and talented pool of applicants. AUArt's campaign utilized a variety of available digital channels to work toward this goal and target their audience on platforms prospective students would use. After their campaign concluded, their click-through-rate surpassed industry standards for both their video and static ads.


  • Take advantage of the digital display channels available by using static banner ads to establish a point of first contact
  • Use creative video animations to target high school students interested in art and design
  • Utilize video-centric platforms like gaming apps and Twitch 
  • Prioritize prospective student engagement to increase website traffic and lead to meaningful form fills
  • Capture the attention of unique and diverse Gen Z high school students and increase applications 
2,107,506 impressions
8,293 clicks
Results And Success


AUArts' campaign drove brand awareness, as reflected by key metrics. The most impressive standout was click-through rate for static and video ads. 

Traditionally, the industry standard click-through-rate is 0.08%. AUArt's banner ads received 1,426,721 impressions and 1,722 clicks, resulting in a click-through rate of 0.12%.

AUArts' video ads, however, were the key to their success. Most of their budget went toward the video ads, and it paid off. Their creative video ads served 680,785 impressions and 6,571 clicks, resulting in a click-through rate of 0.97%. This is especially impressive for non-social ads.

AUArts puts themselves in front of their target Gen Z audience with their creative animations. The video to the left ran across digital channels and was repurposed into shorter clips for social ads as well. Their ads showed the high quality of the institute in a fashion that spoke to their brand's voice. As a result, their website traffic and prospective talent pool increased greatly.