Our Team

We are young, bold, constantly challenging the status quo and we certainly aren't anchored down with antiquated strategies and methodologies.  We focus our energy on where the education industry is going, not where it's been. 

Matt Diteljan


Post-Secondary Experience: Matt attended the University of Calgary from 2007 - 2013 for a grand total of 6 years. Did Matt obtain a masters degree? A PhD? Negative. Matt did a couple of victory laps prior to graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree along with enough courses to major in at least three other faculties. Matt fondly calls this time his "Academic Adventure."


Patrick Straw


Post-Secondary Experience: Patrick turned down many “prestigious” Ivy League scholarships for his preferred choice, the University of Calgary.  After the deep feelings of regret passed he picked himself up and got a shiny degree in Commerce!  Since the Haskayne School of Business is undoubtedly one of the top 3 business schools in Calgary, you could say Patrick won this one.   


Jordan Wenzel

General Manager

Post-Secondary Experience: In 2007 Jordan looked to study for an accounting degree at Mount Royal University in Calgary. After a strenuous 43 minutes of his first accounting lecture Jordan quickly realized he had made a terrible decision. From here he debited his accounting degree and credited his education with a BBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship. He is still flabbergasted he thought he was going to be an accountant.

Dan O'Neil


Post-Secondary Experience: Dan chose to take the scenic route in his education, and by scenic he mean's he took the QE2 up to Edmonton far too often. The small class sizes and personal attention payed to every student at Grant MacEwan suited his needs the best. It sure would have been helpful if St. Francis High School had a partner like Glacier back then so students like Dan knew there were good schools outside of Calgary but hey, we hadn't thought of it yet!


Jodi Reinholcz

Operations Manager

Post-Secondary Experience: Jodi attended the University of Ottawa from 2008-2012. There she took a major in Geography with a minor in Criminology but her real passion lied in Hockey as she played on the University squad. Once she realized there was no real CSI jobs out there - she turned her focus to operations. Operator..a smoooooooth operator..

Dane De souza

Internal Sales Representative

Post-Secondary Experience: Dane's educational path was one less traveled; and as is the case with the path less traveled it led to some strange and uncharted territory. The highlights of these misadventures include a graduating semester spent at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand; A German minor; and several summers fighting wildfires to finance his education. It's still hard to say whether Dane came out unscathed, but his uncanny passion for travel and making the world a bit smaller puts him on the front lines of spreading Glaciers message across North America.


Trevor Williams

Creative Manager/Designer

Post-Secondary Experience: Trevor is a simple man; he just likes making things look good. He also appears to really enjoy post secondary life since he keeps coming back to it. After obtaining a diploma in New Media Production and Design from SAIT, he hopped on over to the University of Calgary for a degree in Communications Studies. 



Post-Secondary Experience: Jamie attended the University of Calgary from 2011- 2016 where she got her Commerce degree in Marketing. Jamie worked her way through University by working various customer service roles and pursuing her passion in contemporary dance. Although her dance career isn’t helping her win any ping pong games, Jamie gets to combine her passion for marketing and customer service and feels right at home with the Glacier team.


Ben Oldale


Post-Secondary Experience: Ben is a Calgary native who luckily found his way to the University of Victoria, on beautiful Vancouver Island. He completed a BSC in Geology, and during his 5 year undergrad realized rocks were not for him. His office nickname is “Robo-Ben”, and he is programmed to ensure future high school graduates do not need to rely on pure luck to find the right post secondary institute.

Ian Feil


Post-Secondary Experience: Ian was born and raised in the sunny city of Kelowna, BC. Upon graduating high school, he decided to move out and attend the University of Calgary, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. While attending U of C, Ian helped thousands of students achieve their academic potential working for a tutoring company. Now, Ian is bringing Glacier to new heights by adding 6’5” to the team.”


Sade babatunde

micro influencer coordinator

Post-Secondary Experience:Sade is an Ad geek and fashion addict at heart. She received her degree from the University of Alberta in 2016, did an exchange in Madrid where she mostly learned Spanish and drank sangria and graduated with a desire to work in Advertising. On her spare time you can catch her blogging and doing social media “type” things, it’s no wonder she hopped on the Micro level of things at Glacier. Otherwise, on her “real” spare time you can catch her watching a blockbuster movie– preferably Marvel, DC or any movie with a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes.



Post-Secondary Experience: Jordan graduated from the Okanagan School of Business with a general B.B.A. and a concentration in Communications in 2017. Much alike his fellow co-workers he took the scenic route which lead him to finishing his degree in Madrid, Spain. While away he was summoned by one of our very own at Glacier to spread the the good word of Glacier and hasn't looked back since.



Chief Bark Officer

Kootenay alerts Glacier staff to visitors and delivers smiles to faces. She's the leader of the pack at Glacier and follows her nose to close the really big deals. Some of her top accomplishments include not spilling her water bowl for an entire quarter and clearing out all the staff leftovers from the fridge.