Where It All Began

Since our company is all about promoting post-secondary education, it only makes sense that our story begins at a University campus – The University of Calgary campus to be precise. Our Founders, Matt Diteljan and Patrick Straw, were both studying to complete their BComm degrees in the Winter of 2013. Matt and Pat were long-time friends and always had something on the go, whether it be the largest and most debaucherous dodge ball tournaments UCalgary had ever seen, health and fitness clubs, or joint student government campaigns involving horses and giant life size Disney costumes. Matt and Pat always knew they wanted to start something together, which is what led to the inception of Glacier. Matt and Pat had the idea to partner with local high schools to promote various post-secondary institutions in their surrounding area. Through a lot of luck and determination, Matt and Pat were able to land their first deal as they both fondly recall:

“We were both sitting in one of our business strategy lectures. It was strange because Matt was awake in class, which was rare, and Pat was on time to class, which was even more rare. Matt was on his laptop and got the email from the client – they wanted to move forward with the campaign! Matt immediately stood up in the middle of class and fist pumped with excitement and yelled at Pat “WE GOT OUR FIRST DEAL!!!” Pat stood up and we proceeded to high five, and our professor promptly yelled at us and told us to sit down. It was a moment we’re sure we’ll both never forget.”

During their time at UCalgary Matt and Pat were deeply involved with student government and active on dozens of University committees. Through this experience they both grew a deep passion for post-secondary education which they have carried with them to this day, and drives them to find the absolute best ways to promote education.

After graduating Matt and Pat set their sights on expansion. They grew their network and their client base across Canada working with more High Schools and Universities, and bringing on more and more talented people on to their team. Glacier continues to grow their high school network and services across North America, working with over 100 Universities and Colleges, and over 500 High Schools.